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The story of the Kabayan Ngala Tutut


The story of the Kabayan Ngala Tutut


The Intrinsic Element of Si Kabayan Ngala Tutut

Theme: humanity

Flow: forward flow

Characters and characters:

Kabayan: obedient, stupid

Grandma: grumpy

Settings (Background):

Background: House, Rice Field

Background: Fun, surprising


The story of the Kabayan Ngala Tutut

Si Kabayan who is unemployed, is seen rolling on the sofa in the yard of the house, sometimes dreams like that, wakes up thinking about the country.

That is, Si Kabayan who does not have a job, is lying on a wooden bed located in the yard, sometimes daydreaming like a person who is dizzy thinking about the country's problems.

"Kabayan hundang, the sun is already in my head," said Ninina, "No work, I'm fixing the first knee."


Meaning: "Kabayan wakes up, the sun is already on his head," said his grandmother, "Instead of being silent, it is not clear to kneel down."

"Should I go with Ni?" Kabayan lost the question.

Meaning: "Where did you take it, Grandma?" Kabayan even asked again.

"Like it doesn't matter, it's to the fields, the search for fields that have been plowed, until the knees are a lot."


Meaning: "Don't pretend you don't know, it's in the fields, look for new fields in the plow, that's a lot of tailings."

Not long after, Si Kabayan wept bitterly, walking after the shadows, until he came to a field that was sweeping. See lots of knees, because the water is clear.


Meaning: Not long after, he walked around following his shadow, until finally he came to a field that had just been plowed, It looks like a lot of knees, because the water is clear.


Because in the hills there is a shadow of the sky, Kabayan feels the terrain is very deep. I don't think the water is there yet.

Meaning: Because when he sees the shadow of the sky, he thinks that the field is deep, even though the water level is less than an inch.


“This is why the terrain is so deep,” said Si Kabayan.

Meaning: "Why is this rice field so deep," said Si Kabayan in his heart.

Then we noticed pain and stiffness in the jackfruit tree, meant to make it easier to open the knee.

Meaning: Next he looks for skewers and jackfruit sap, meaning let him easily take the tail.

On the day he grabbed only the painful bite, but none of the knees were injured by the bite. Only won three, that's also because the knees are on the side of the pile.


Meaning : All day he only sticks rubber on a skewer, but not a single knee has been successfully glued by the rubber. There are some but there are also because they are obtained from tutut which is located next to the rice fields.

At home, her grandmother waited until she was exhausted, she had prepared herbs to soothe her knees. "Kamana iye slave, meuni geus rek wanci asar," Ninina cringed.

Meaning: At home, her grandmother waits until she is upset, even though she has prepared some spices for cooking tutut. "Where is this child, it will soon be Asr time," he said to himself.


Feeling strange, Ninina followed into the field. Really, look to Si Kabayan to say for himself, because it's so hard to open the knees.

Meaning: Sensing something strange, his grandmother followed him into the fields. It's true, it looks like Si Kabayan is talking to himself, because it's hard to grab a knee with a rubber band.


"Kabayan, it took a long time to open the knee, even though it was a knee in the field box, why did you lose the show?" means grandma.

Meaning: "Kabayan, it took a long time to pick up the tail, even though there are many tails scattered on the field, why are you just looking?" His grandmother insisted.

"I'm sorry grandma, this field is very deep, difficult to do, you can always see directly, you can see the shadow of the sky, the meaning is very deep."


Meaning: "I'm sorry Grandma, this rice field is very deep, very difficult, look at it, you can see the shadow again, it means this rice field is very deep."

Hearing Si Kabayan's answer, Ninina was very upset, so we immediately threw her into the field box.

Meaning: Hearing Si Kabayan's answer, his grandmother was very upset, she was immediately put on the field.

"Hey, it's shallow, if you're from tatadi in ala we tutuna."


Meaning: "Well, how come it's not as deep as this, if it's like this, I've been kneeling all this time."

"How are you?" Leos Ninina returned home.

Meaning: "Up to you," His grandmother left him and went home.

Can anyone mention the intrinsic elements of the Kabayan Ngala Tutut fairy tale?

The intrinsic elements of the story above are