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Example of Learning Scenario



A. Subjects


B. Target

     Elementary school students Class 1 semester 1

C. Duration

     2 X 35 minutes

D. Learning Materials



E. Competency Standards

    3. Using symbols in solving problems

F. Basic Competence

3.1. Recognizing natural numbers up to 99 by using objects around the house, school, or playground


G. Learning Objectives

1.      After listening to the teacher's example, students can count many objects 1-10 and write down the number symbol

2.      After asking questions, students can name the natural numbers bilangan

3.      After observing the picture students can count many objects

4.      After observing the pictures, students can record the number symbol

5.      By playing, students can show natural numbers up to 99

6.      By listening to the teacher's explanation, students can follow the applicable rules with responsibility


H. Understanding

First grade elementary school students in semester 1 are expected to understand and master the natural number market and be able to apply it in solving problems related to natural numbers. With the provision of problem solving skills related to natural numbers, students are expected to be able to apply them in everyday life


• Synopsis

This lesson begins with an introduction to the concept of natural numbers. The teacher uses concrete objects in teaching about the natural numbers. The purpose of using concrete numbers is so that students can understand the concept of natural numbers easily.


I. Property

   Apples Number image media, laptop, projector


J. Manuscript

    First Meeting (2 X 25 minutes)

1. Initial Activities


A. The teacher enters the classroom

a.      Teacher Saying hello

b.      Students return greetings

c.       The teacher appoints the class leader to lead the prayer

d.      Students pray according to their respective religions and beliefs

e.      After praying, the teacher checks the students' attendance

f.        The teacher starts learning by appreciating by telling stories

g.      The teacher conveys the essence of the learning objectives


2. Core Activities

a.      The teacher explains the concept by using sentences that can provoke students to think creatively

b.      b. The teacher asks students to sit in their respective groups and gives group assignments in the form of LKS

c.       The teacher guides students to complete assignments and LKS 1 while carrying out individual progress assessments and assessments

d.      The teacher gives awards to students who dare to come to the front of the class



3. Final Activities

a.      Teacher gives evaluation

b.      b. The teacher gives homework to read the next material

c.       The teacher closed the teaching and learning activities, and said hello.