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5 Tips to Stay Healthy Until Old Age


5 Tips to Stay Healthy Until Old Age


Health is an important asset that we must continue to protect at all times. This is done so that we stay healthy and enthusiastic in carrying out daily activities, and avoid various non-communicable diseases (PTM) which can disturb and harm the body.


What people can do to maintain their health is to adopt healthy lifestyle habits and avoid various bad habits that can disrupt our health, such as consuming alcohol, obesity, being lazy about moving or doing physical activity, and consuming excessive amounts of fried food.


Healthy Tips Until Old Age.

As a result of increasing age, various health problems arise due to aging of body cells. Older people experience a decline in functions and abilities such as vision, hearing, movement and others. The following are tips for maintaining health into old age, including:


1. Eat nutritious food, such as eating 400 grams of vegetables and fruit/5 portions a day

2. Regularly do physical activity for at least 30 minutes per day or 150 minutes/week.

3. Stop smoking or avoid exposure to cigarettes and cigarette residue.

4. Stop consuming alcohol.

5. Maintain and monitor body weight to keep it ideal.

6. Check blood pressure, blood sugar and Body Mass Index regularly.


Apart from implementing the healthy tips above, financial material preparation is also needed, such as savings and insurance as provisions for old age. People who want to maintain their health until old age can immediately adopt healthy living behavior.


Don't forget to fulfill your daily sleep needs and immediately go to the nearest health facility if you experience symptoms of illness, so you can get treatment as early as possible from health workers.