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9 Quick Ways to Get a Job that You Must Know!


9 Quick Ways to Get a Job that You Must Know!


Living in this millennial era makes everyone's standard of living higher. Being successful from a young age, working in a big and well-known company, and getting the job you want seems to be a dream for everyone, from students who have just graduated, to people who have reached a productive working age.


Currently, having a job application CV that HRD likes is one of the important factors for a company to be interested in you. But, considering how difficult it is to find work nowadays, you definitely want to know other things about how to get the job you want.


Want to know how to find work today? You can steal a start from your friends and colleagues using the 7 tips below! It looks easy, but it can actually speed you up in getting a job.


1. Find a job that suits your qualifications

Have you ever felt like you have applied for jobs many times but not a single company has called you back?

Maybe the way you have been looking for work has been wrong. Maybe, up to now, many companies have been looking for people with the abilities you have, but you are just limiting yourself.

Start looking for various positions or types of work in various companies, don't stick to one type of job.



For example, you are a reliable salesperson. Expand your search area. Instead of just looking for vacancies for sales positions, you may consider looking for ways to get work in other sales-related positions, for example

• Marketing,

• Business Development,

• Market Researcher,

          Account executive


You can also do this by making a list of the skills you have, as well as the jobs related to those skills. This way, you give yourself more opportunities to find various types of job vacancies that suit your abilities.


2. Join the Internship Program

One way to quickly get a job is to take part in an internship program. The internship program gives you the opportunity to work in a professional environment. By participating in an internship program, you are improving the soft skills and hard skills that you have.

Recruiters also tend to choose fresh graduate candidates who have previous internship experience.


3. Build Personal Branding on Social Media

Personal branding is the way you present yourself online. In this digital era, it is not uncommon for recruiters to carry out background checks when selecting candidates to get to know them more deeply. Therefore, having an online presence (online reputation) on social media is important.


Examples of how to build personal branding

• Share professional stories/experiences on LinkedIn

• Share useful content on social media

• Share knowledge through videos on the YouTube platform


4. Expand Connections

The next job search tip is to expand your connections. Recently, technology has developed very rapidly, and made it easier for you to get to know many people through various online platforms or sites. Use this as a way to get work more easily. To get started, you can use LinkedIn.


1. Start by determining a target

Choose what type of relationship you need right now. Do you need a friend who can recommend you, do you need a mentor who can give you a way to easily get a job, or do you need a colleague?

By knowing your target, you will pay more attention to people who are actually suitable for your goals. You will pay more attention to their style and way of speaking, so you can adapt and determine whether they are someone who can help you now. That way, this is one way to get a job.


2. Look for your target

First, you can start searching through the connections you currently have. Family and friends are two easy ways to get connections when you're having trouble finding work.

Starting the conversation with a light theme is key. For example, you can talk about your work. Build the conversation by talking about your vision and mission and asking them to make suggestions. From there, you can ask if they can help you find a way to get a job or even recommend you. Apart from that, you can also get s by building new connections.


It would be very good if you used the results of social media developments for this. Look for various events attended by your target people; This could be in the form of a job fair, volunteering for an event, or even by attending an event online.


3. Follow up on the connections you make

After attending an event or meeting someone, don't forget to give a personal thank you and keep in touch. Stay in touch with them, either through appointments or conversations on social media. Always show a polite attitude and enthusiasm for learning.

Introducing yourself as a worthy candidate to work with a handful of people is the main target. But it's also important to have relationships with people who can be your mentors in the future. Having connections with various people and professions will give you advantages in the future and can be a way to get work easily.


5. Improve yourself with the latest skills

If you have difficulty finding a job that suits you, try analyzing the current situation. What types of jobs are many people currently interested in or looking for?

In this digital era, apart from many new jobs emerging, there are also many new contemporary skills that companies are looking for. Write down and make a list of the skills required for the job. If you have these skills, it will be an added value when applying for a job.

Examples of trending skills in the digital era:

          Graphic design

• Video Editing

• SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

• Project Management

          And others


After you have a list of skills, introspect yourself. Do you have the skills required for this job? Or, what skills do you currently have that can compete with the average person who applies for that position? By paying attention to this, you can measure your own abilities.


Being at the forefront of each person's field of work is very difficult nowadays. However, that doesn't mean you have to give up. In fact, this is a turning point for you to start working to improve your own abilities.


Just like in school, you will get an outline of what you will learn during classes rather than courses. You will learn many new things. In fact, by taking beginner-level courses, you can learn skills you didn't have before. This will speed up your development as you try to find a way to get a job.


You can search for anything you need right now on the internet. You can find many articles, forums or online learning, most of which you can access for free. So, there is no reason to say you don't know how to get a job. There are many sites and applications that you can use to easily access information and find ways to search for job vacancies.


Obtaining an official certificate and continuing education in a particular field definitely requires more energy and funds than the previous two methods. However, these two things can be proof that you are dedicated to the profession or abilities you currently have. The certificates and further education you take can also show the professionalism of your work on your CV.


6. Take advantage of the Internet

Easy access, abundant and free. That's the internet today.

Everyone is starting to introduce themselves to the internet and digital world today. Using the internet for positive things such as looking for ways to get a job, joining digital forums, taking part in various online events, and applying for jobs online is a wise thing when you want to find a quick way to get a job.


7. Create an attractive CV

CV is the first door on your journey to getting a job. To speed up your job search, create an attractive CV. 3 quick tips to make your CV more attractive as an easy way to get a job:

• Make the contents of your CV appropriate and relevant to the position or job you want.

• Look for inspiration via free online CV websites.

• Choose a simple design with an appropriate color combination.


8. Write a good cover letter

Do you know a job search tip that many people underestimate?

Include a cover letter for your job application which is called a cover letter!

The cover letter will be an opening reading with concrete evidence that shows your professional ethics.

In the cover letter, include your personal qualifications. Include what you have achieved in your current field of work, and how your skills can contribute to helping the company progress further. Through a cover letter, you can show that you can have a positive impact on the company's development.


Example of a Good Cover Letter

Glen Valentino

Jl. Gatot Subroto, Bandung

0878 9999 0920


Dear Mr/Mrs Personnel Manager

I am writing this letter to convey my interest in the Business Development position at PT. Indonesian Teachers' Room. As a student who has just graduated from Business Administration, I feel that this position suits my educational background, experience and personality.

Since high school, I have used the Ruang Guru platform and experienced for myself how the platform can help me. Moreover, technology education platforms can reach millions of Indonesian citizens who cannot go to school due to various obstacles. Apart from that, I believe that education in Indonesia still has a lot of room for development, and I am ready to join in contributing to advancing the nation.

I have felt interested in the world of education since high school in 2016, I have been a tutor for my peers. Continuing while in college, my friends and I developed tutors from no students to >50 in 5 months. I also have part time experience in marketing and sales. With teaching skills, problem solving, as well as good communication skills, I am confident that I am the right person for this position.

For future consideration, I attach my curriculum vitae. Thank you for taking the time to consider this cover letter, I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Yours faithfully,

Glen Valentino


9. Keep Looking

After uploading your CV and cover letter, do you immediately feel relaxed and quite relieved? This last tip is the most often missed by many people. For a way to get a job faster, don't stop there.

Research shows that on average a jobseeker has to go through 24 rejections before finally being accepted to work at a company.


Frequently look for various positions and job vacancies that are still open. It's better for you if you get lots of job offers at one time, rather than just hanging your fate on one company.


How to Get a Job

Knowing yourself is the most important thing you have to do before trying to find a way to get a job. You have to know what your needs are, what you already have, and what you can improve. Write all your advantages briefly and clearly in your CV and cover letter. In the end, you have to be persistent in taking various opportunities before your eyes. Effort never betrays results!