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Wordle An Exciting Game of Guessing Words and Answers, So Entertainment to Relieve Boredom


An Exciting Game of Guessing Words and Answers, So Entertainment to Relieve Boredom


Word guessing games can be an option for you to relieve fatigue and boredom. To make it more exciting, you can play word games with friends or co-workers. Word guessing games have different levels of difficulty with various themes.

Because various things we encounter in everyday life can be used as inspiration for word guessing games. For example, guessing fruit names, guessing film titles, or funny guesses with answers that sound odd.

No need to be confused about putting together ideas for word guessing games, below there are several word guessing references and explanations for you to choose from. You can play this word guessing game more fun if there is a reward for the winner or a punishment for the loser.

Therefore, just take a look at the word guessing game reference and the following explanation to make it entertainment to relieve boredom and fatigue. The word guessing game has been summarized by Kapanlagi.com from various sources.


1. Funny Word Guessing Game

One of the word guessing games that is quite entertaining is guessing funny words. Because, the funny word guessing game contains strange sentences and makes you laugh. So with this funny word guessing game you can liven up the atmosphere while eliminating boredom and fatigue. Come on, take a look at the inspiration for the following funny word guessing game.

1. "A foreign singer who likes to ride a bicycle?"

Selena Gowes.

2. "A foreign singer who has difficulty swallowing?"

Ed said.

3. "Why does Superman only have one curly bang?"

If there are many, it's called Supermie.

4. "Why do puppeteers carry keris during wayang performances?"

Because if he brings a stove, his wife can't cook.

5. "The name of the most popular disease in China?"

Kung Flu.


6. "Why do chickens close their eyes when they crow?"

Because I already memorized the lyrics.

7. "What animal is never wrong?"

Cats are not wrong.

8. "Why is sea water salty?"

Because the fish are being chased by fishermen.

9. "What is the most impolite animal?"

Lice. Because it's trampling on the head.

10. "What is the most ungodly fruit?"

Melon. Kundang Melon.


11. "What vegetable can sing?"

Cabbage. Kolplay.

12. "What fruit can hold a lot of things?"

Lesion. Table lychee.

13. "Which fruit is the most diligent?"

Morning parade.

14. "What is the quietest animal?"


15. "What is the longest animal?"

Snakes line up for rice.


2. Difficult Word Guessing Game

As mentioned in the previous review, the word guessing game has several levels from the easiest to the most difficult. To challenge you more, a game of guessing difficult words can be the right choice. That's why below are some inspirations for games to guess difficult words.

16. "Singers whose hair isn't straight?"

Ayu Kinky.

17. "The Vice President who often watches streaming?"

Muhammad Youtube Kalla.

18. “Why did Sadako leave TV?”

If it comes from the heart accompanied by good intentions, it is called alms.

19. "Is there a rambutan fruit that is dangerous if we eat it?"

Yes, if you eat in the middle of the toll road.

20. "Do you know what color the wind is?"

Red. Try looking at the results of a scraping on the body of a person who has a cold.


21. "Car crashes on the toll road, which one gets off first?"


22. "What country is always ready for rain?"

Swedish umbrella before the rain.

23. “Why do baby frogs go around jumping around?”

Because he was glad his mother wasn't a baby.

25. "Why do snipers have to close one eye if they want to shoot a target?"

Because if it's both, it won't be visible.


26. "Being injected doesn't hurt, but it can make you limp. What is that?"

Chicken shit.

27. "What diseases do humans most commonly contract?"

Angora pudding, persian giddy, british shorthair giddy.

28. "Why do mountains erupt?"

Because if it melts, it's called an iceberg.

29. “What fans are you waiting for?”

Confidence to propose.

30. "What fruit often signals the end of a film?"



31. "What is the richest fruit?"

Sri Kaya.

32. "What fruit are students most afraid of, come on?"

Star fruit. Especially thesis guidance.

33. “Fruit that was once colonized by Indonesia?”

Dutch eggplant.

34. "What fish likes to stop?"

Fish pause.

35. "What bird gives you goosebumps?"

Room. Morgue.


36. "What is the evidence that carrots are good for eye health?"

Have you ever seen a rabbit wearing glasses?

37. "Why does the computer keyboard say 'Enter'?"

Because if it says 'Entar', the program won't run.

38. "What object becomes damaged if it is turned upside down?"

Mattress, just try turning it over, he said.

39. "Small in Jakarta, big in Aceh. Is that true?"

Letter 'A'.

40. "What new object is immediately thrown away?"



41. "If an elephant dies, who will be the saddest?"

The grave digger, because a large hole is needed to bury the elephant.

42. “Why do mosquitoes suck blood?”

Because he couldn't afford to buy cigarettes.


3. Game Guessing Love Words

A number of the word guessing games below are full of love messages. These guessing words are not only entertaining but can represent your feelings for someone. Just take a look at the review of the game guessing love words as follows.

43. "What is the happiest bus?"

I can marry you.

44. "What clouds make me happy?"

Awanna Be with You.

45. "What's a good pole?"

The pillars are thinking about you while drinking mixed ice.

46. "What cat is super romantic?"

Cat to you.

47. "What fan are you waiting for?"

Confidence to propose.

48. "What shower doesn't get wet?"

Make your household independent with you.

49. "You know what's the most fun?"

When I'm peeling, you're always beside me.


50. "How are you different from a painting?"

As time goes on, the painting becomes more and more antique. The longer you get, the more beautiful you become.

51. "Why does it feel like when I see your face I see a job vacancy?"

Because I just want to propose to you.

52. "What causes the number of stars to decrease and they are no longer beautiful?"

Because the most beautiful stars are in your eyes.

53. "What do you have in common with Jobstreet?"

We both want to apply.

54. "You're a big fan of Sherina, right?"

Because, you are my first and last love.

55. "What's the difference between a guitar and you?"

If the guitar is strummed, If you are the most beautiful.


56. "What kind of game doesn't make you bored?"

Stare at the beautiful smile on your face.

57. "What is the most romantic demon?"

I offer a rose to you.

58. "How are you different from a modem?"

The modem connects to the internet. If you connect to your heart.

59. "What is the most beautiful night?"

Evening you.

60. "What ink doesn't fade?"

I ink you.


61. "What car can make us fall in love?"

Ayla's car, I Love You I mean.

62. "What box hurts so much?"

Kotak realizes that I have liked you all this time.

63. "What oil makes you drunk?"

Oil you smile.

64. "What's a sweet micin?"

Milove you.


4. Fun word guessing game

The word guessing games below are themed around various things that we often encounter. Apart from that, the following word guessing game is quite exciting and can be an option for you to play with friends, family or your partner. Come on, let's look at the review of the exciting word guessing game.

65. "Do you know why the Pisa tower is leaning?"

Because I'm attracted to your smile.

66. "What is dilapidated on the outside and smooth on the inside?"

You're riding a rickshaw.

67. "A singer who is often self-conscious?"

Fainted mambo.

68. "A man looking for something comes home battered and clean. What is he really looking for?"

People who are looking for trouble.

69. "Why does a cat always look back when chased by a dog?"

Because it doesn't have a rearview mirror.

70. "What artist would you like to invite?"

Oh Kuylah.


71. "What kind of bug hurts your feelings?"

Your lies all this time.

72. "What animal can sing dangdut?"

Cheetah Citata.

73. "What fish can fly, come on?"


74. "Which animal loves cleanliness?"

Elephant. The elephant is cleanliness.

75. "Which animal obeys traffic?"

Camel. Camel-eating safety.


76. "What cake has the wrapper on the inside, the filling on the outside?"

Cake made wrong.

77. "What's a terrible egg?"

Salted egg, because it has a tattoo.

78. "What animal has all its limbs on its head?"


79. "What do satay makers and soto makers have in common?"

Neither of you sell meatballs!

80. "What are you hesitating to cook?"

Cook, yes.


81. "Why are bald people always happy?"

Because bald people don't have weight on their heads.

82. "What wrongdoing cannot be punished?"

Wrong tendon.

So, those are 82 games of guessing words and answers, so entertainment to relieve boredom. You can use the word guessing game above as a reference to fill your free time.