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How to Make a Disney Pixar Poster that Goes Viral on Social Media


How to Make a Disney Pixar Poster that Goes Viral on Social Media


Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is widely used to create visual content. Recently, posters shared by netizens went viral on social media with a tone like animated films by Disney Pixar. Disney Pixar posters modified according to each person's name and character are busy on Instagram, TikTok and X (formerly Twitter).


Again, this content is the result of processing by the AI Generator service. There are several services that allow Disney Pixar visual modifications, one of which uses Bing Image Creator. is the company behind the popular generative AI service, ChatGPT.


With Bing Image Creator, users can create Disney Pixar posters according to the prompt given.


How to Make a Disney Pixar Poster with Bing Image Creator

1. Open the Bing Image Creator website https://www.bing.com/create

2. Login with a Microsoft account

3. Type the prompt in the column provided, try to give clear commands so that the AI can understand

4. To create a Pixar poster, users can enter the keyword "Disney Pixar movie poster"

5. Then, write a more specific prompt, for example damn color, character, theme, style, etc

6. For example, the user can give the command "make Disney Pixar poster ambience like Coco movie. The character is a man. The man is wearing red cloth. The man is holding a guitar. The man has brown skin and black hair. The poster has an old Mexican background style. 3D Animation."

7. Next, click "Create".

8. Bing Image Creator will present several image variations according to user commands.

9. Users can download processed visual results from Bing Image Creator

10. Share on social media.


I hope this helps!