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How to Grow Hydroponically for Beginners is Easy and Simple

How to Grow Hydroponically for Beginners is Easy and Simple

Hydroponic plant cultivation is now very popular. Even though it is widely known, not everyone understands how to grow hydroponically. Even though cultivating plants with this system is not difficult. You can even use simple tools and materials that are easy to find. There are actually many types of hydroponics. However, not everything is easy to practice for beginners. Because the capital to create a hydroponic installation is not cheap and plant care must also be taken seriously. For those of you who don't have a basic understanding of agricultural science, there is an easy way to make simple hydroponics at home. Namely by implementing a hydroponic wick system. What is a hydroponic wick system? Come on, look at the following explanation. Wick System Hydroponics The Wick System is a simple hydroponic planting method that is suitable for beginners.


On the agriculture.go.id website, it is explained that this hydroponic system is known as a passive system. Because there are no moving parts. The nutrient solution is drawn into the growing medium with the help of a wick. Usually the wick used comes from flannel or other material that easily absorbs water. To grow plants with this system, you can use hydroponic planting media such as rockwool, perlite, bermiculite, gravel, hydroton, husk charcoal, and cocopeat. READ ALSO Hydroponics as a Solution for Growing Plants on Narrow Land How to Plant Simple Hydroponics Planting plants using a wick system is very easy. so anyone can make it. The materials used are also common. This wick system is also a way to process plastic waste, especially used mineral water bottles. Quoting from the PNP Journal of Community Service and Development 2(2), here is how to make a wick system hydroponic plant.


1. Prepare tools and materials. The first thing you have to do when you want to make simple hydroponics is prepare tools and materials. The wick system requires several tools and materials such as the following: Used mineral water bottles measuring 600 ml. Scissors, knife, or cutter. Stove wick, used cloth, or flannel used to distribute nutrients. Seed plant. Rockwool planting medium. AB Mix fertilizer nutrition. Paku Water


2. Create a wick system. The next way to grow hydroponics is to create the wick system itself. The method is as follows. The used 600 ml mineral water bottle was cut into two parts. In the part or (near the neck of the bottle) a hole is made using a heated nail. A hole is also made in the bottle cap with a diameter that adjusts the wick that will be used in this hydroponic system. Insert the wick into the bottle cap hole. Install the top of the bottle in the best direction. Insert the hydroponic planting medium at the top of the bottle and fill the bottom of the bottle with water. Later the water under the bottle will be absorbed by the stove wick and wet the planting medium above it.


3. Choosing hydroponic seeds The next stage is choosing hydroponic seeds. The types of plants that are usually cultivated using a hydroponic system are horticultural plants. Some of these plants include vegetables, fruit, flowers, ornamental plants, medicinal plants, garden plants, and so on.


4. Sowing seeds You can buy plant seeds at agricultural shops. However, these seeds should not be planted directly using a hydroponic system. It would be better if you sowed the seeds of the plant first. The steps for sowing seeds which are part of the hydroponic planting method are as follows. Cut the planting medium (rockwool) measuring 2.5 x 2.5 cm. Moisten the planting medium by sprinkling water or spraying water on the surface of the planting medium. Make a hole in the middle of the media with a depth of approximately 2 mm. Insert the seeds into the hole. Cover with black plastic then store in a dark room. After 1 – 2 days see the results of the seeding. Then open the plastic and place it under direct sunlight. Dry in the sun every day and water the planting medium when it is dry. When true leaves appear, the seedlings can be moved to a hydroponic location. READ ALSO 8 Best and Easy to Obtain Hydroponic Plant Media


5. Prepare the nutrient solution. Even though the wick system is a simple way of growing hydroponically with bottles, you still need to pay attention to the nutrient solution. The nutrients needed in hydroponics are known as AB Mix. This solution is widely sold in agricultural shops. If the nutrient is in powder form, the nutrient must first be dissolved. Mix solutions A and B with clean water. The dose that can be used is every 5 ml of solutions A and B mixed with 1 liter of water.


6. Transplanting process. The transplanting process can be done in the following way. Prepare hydroponic media. Dissolve the nutrients at the bottom of the bottle. Move the rockwool containing the plant seeds. Place the seeds on the top of the media where the wick has been installed. Attach the top and bottom of the hydroponic device. Finally, the hydroponic plant with a wick system is complete. READ ALSO Through CVC Batam Customs and Excise Encourages Exports of Hydroponic Products to Singapore.


7. Caring for plants. The next way to grow hydroponics is to care for the plants. Treatment stages that can be carried out are providing additional nutrition, treating pests and plant pathogens, watering, and other treatments.


8. Harvesting The final stage of wick system hydroponic planting is harvesting. This activity depends on the type of plant. Generally, hydroponic plants have a short lifespan of around 30 – 45 days. The harvesting method that can be done also depends on the type of plant. This can be done by cutting the top of the plant or uprooting the plant. That's a simple way to plant hydroponics for beginners. Hydroponics with this wick system can be practiced at home and can be placed in narrow areas. Because this hydroponic device can be attached to the wall of the house.