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How to Make a Simple Home Front Garden that Saves a Budget


How to Make a Simple Home Front Garden that Saves a Budget

How to make a simple front garden is very easy. Not only easy, but also can save the budget. Of course, this is perfect for those of you who live in urban areas that have limited land and costs.

According to a study published by the International Journal of Environmental Health Research, green open spaces have many benefits. These include reducing stress, blood pressure, and heart rate, as well as encouraging physical activity and improving mood, and mental health.

With these many benefits, nowadays many people are presenting green open spaces or parks in their homes. So, before we learn how to make a garden in front of the house, consider the following review first. Of course this is to increase your knowledge before making a garden.

Definition of Garden

Laurie (1986), garden, comes from the word "Gard" which means guarding and "Eden" which means pleasure. So, it can be interpreted that the park is a place that is used for pleasure and is maintained.

Meanwhile, in a limited sense, a garden is a piece of land that is laid out in such a way that it looks attractive as well as pleasing to the eye and comfort for its owners.

Garden Types

The types of parks that are adapted to the surrounding space, such as:

Residential Garden

Office Park

Residential Environmental Park

City Park

School Park

Industrial Park

Tourism Park

Garden function at home

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In this article we will be more specific about the home garden. According to Nurhayati (1994), a home garden is a means of gathering and playing for families. Apart from that, the other functions are as follows:

1. Distributing Hobbies

Do you like farming? If so, then making a simple garden in front of your house is an activity that you will definitely like. This hobby is usually carried out by housewives who have fun with the beauty of plants. In addition, it can also be used to fill free time to be more productive.

2. Place to Release Fatigue

Having a daily routine that often makes you burnout is certainly very unpleasant. The existence of a simple garden in front of the house can be the solution. When you are tired, you can relax in the garden area to unwind while enjoying the beautiful plants and trees.

3. As a recreation area

With a tropical garden at home, you don't need to spend a lot of time for recreation outside the house. Enough to conjure your front garden as comfortable as possible so that it looks attractive and cozy.

If you have more budget, you can also provide some supporting facilities. Such as a children's play area, gazebo, and fish pond. Guaranteed, your front garden will be a very pleasant spot

4. As a medium for education

Gardens can be used to instill a love for nature and plants in children. By teaching children how to grow crops, of course, children will appreciate plants and the nature around them more.

Easy Ways to Make a Front Garden of the House

1. Calculate the available land area

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Before starting to make a garden in front of the house, you must calculate the available land area. This is important so that the garden you want can match the availability of existing land.

If you are unsure about doing it yourself, you can use Home Renovation Services & Building Shops. Mitraruma provides an online consultation feature or you can also chat via WhatsApp. The online consultation feature that Mitraruma provides is free!

2. Define Concept

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What kind of garden concept do you want? To make it easier to determine, adjust the garden concept to the overall theme of the house. It is important to harmonize the concept of your own home with a minimalist garden design in a narrow yard.

3. Prepare a rough garden plan

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Before starting to build a garden, make a rough layout of the elements first. Ideally, the area for green plants is at least one third of the land area.

Then you can put other elements such as a small pool, outdoor table, and others. For the pool itself, the area should not exceed two-thirds of the land area.

4. Recognize and Choose Plant Types

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Understand the condition of the existing front garden and adjust it to your wishes. The front garden of the house must be able to represent the tastes and tastes of the home owner, a place where members of the house can be free to move and feel happy with the end result of the garden in front of the house.

To get inspiration about the type of front garden you want, try to get inspiration from magazines, the internet and other garden ideas you've seen.

You should not underestimate the selection of plants for your front garden. Don't go crazy buying various ornamental plants that are currently hits.

You have to consider the growing space for the plant later. Preferably, cover the soil with a dominance of garden grass, while 3-4 other types of plants are sufficient. Or, use potted plants for easier arrangement in the garden.

5. Ensure Availability of Water Supply and Provide Fertilizer

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When designing a minimalist garden, don't forget to ensure the availability of water supply. If you plant quite a lot of plants, it is important for you to pay attention to the availability of water channels to regulate and absorb excess water so it doesn't stagnate. If the water stagnates, it can make your plants rot quickly at the roots.

6. Provide complementary decorations

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Lighting is often forgotten when someone builds a garden in front of the house. In fact, special garden lights are very important so that they still look attractive even at night.

In order to save electricity, you can choose energy-efficient lamps or solar-powered lamps to be used as garden lighting. After that, complete this area with other decorations such as displays or small fences.

7. Provide the required budget

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If you use expert services to work on making a garden, then you have to prepare more budget for it. Even as much as possible prepare a reserve budget.

Why is that? This is because the budget could swell due to things that happened outside of the planning you made. So that making a garden goes according to the existing budget, try dividing the home garden area into several parts and the costs that will arise.

8. Create clear targets and timings

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After the plan for how to make a garden in front of the house is completely solid, both in terms of procedures and budget, it's time to get to work! However, understand that how to make a garden in front of the house will not take a short time, it can be months to years.

Vision in how to make a garden in front of this house is different for each individual. So that you don't get overwhelmed, divide this project on how to make a garden in front of your house into several phases and give realistic time targets.

This is good so that these short-term plans can be completed one by one, compared to making long-term plans that don't go away.

How to Care for a Garden at Home

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1. Watering regularly

Watering plants or flowers in the garden should be done twice a day. Watering it regularly is useful for balancing the plants so they stay fresh, don't wilt and don't die easily.

2. Give Pest Repellent

The purpose of giving pesticides is to keep the plants clean. This is of course also to avoid the appearance of harmful pest attacks on plants. You can use pesticides or other natural pesticides.

3. Give Fertilizer

Providing fertilizer functions so that plants grow fertile. We recommend that you add fertilizer made from animal manure, because manure has good nutrition for plants. Fertilizer application can be done at least once a week.

4. Regularly cut twigs and leaves

If there are old twigs and leaves, you should immediately cut them because they will interfere with the growth of these plants. In addition, regular cutting of twigs and leaves is also useful for plants to make them look fresher and more beautiful.

Want to have a comfortable residence? Very easy, you know!

Having a comfortable home is certainly everyone's dream, right? When we are tired of carrying out a fairly hectic daily routine, we certainly need a comfortable place to rest. Whether it's for sleeping or relaxing with family.

Rising temperatures during the day will certainly make you uncomfortable. The presence of a garden, apart from being a relaxing spot, can also make your home more beautiful. It's easy to make it happen!

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